The Needle Secure System is ideal for safely and permanently disposing of dirty syringes found in every sort of public and commercial place. From the restroom of the local fast-food restaurant to the floor under the bed in the hotel room. Each day abandoned syringes are found in the common areas everywhere around us.

Prepare your custodial staff with every safety measure available, including the Needle Secure System. Upon discovery, a dirty needle is immediately inserted into the NSS for permanent encapsulation and protecting all down-line personnel. Make the NSS part of your environmental clean-up program today!

“Whenever our staff finds a used syringe in a room, they are immediately frozen in fear. The Needle Secure device gives us a sense of relief because we can immediately protect everyone from an accidental stick and know that we are using the same equipment used in hospitals.”

Becky W.Housekeeping Manager of large regional hotel chain